Things My Dog Has Eaten off The (NYC) Sidewalk: An Ongoing List

A photograph of my dog (named Papaya). The image is cropped close around her face with a soft focus on her nose.
My dog, Papaya

A branch of a Christmas tree
An Acorn
A purple potato
A chicken wing
A blueberry muffin
A condom
Aluminimum foil
A ziplock bag full of unidentifiable white liquid
A leaf
A whole fish head
A piece of poop
A small stone
A poopsicle (frozen)
A bunch of sand (Jacob Riis)
A drop of melted ice-cream
A snickers wrapper
A legion of ants
A spikey fallen tree nut commonly known as a “sweet gum ball”
A feather
A half of a french fry
A slice of pizza
A tuft of grass
A paper receipt
A tumbleweave
A crab leg
An egg shell
A brussel sprout
A cough drop
A clump of fur
A stick
Another stick
And another stick



Aarati Akkapeddi

Aarati Akkapeddi is a first-generation Indian-American, cross-disciplinary artist, educator, and programmer interested in the poetics and politics of datasets.