(An Adaptation of my 2019 Thesis paper for my MFA in Design and Technology at The New School, Parsons School of Design)

A thank you to my Thesis advisors, Marisa Jahn and Loretta Wolozin. And a huge thank you to The Studies in Tamil Studio Archives and Society.


What is the aesthetic and analytical potential for machine learning to reveal semantic or visual patterns from large photographic archives? What are the challenges and caveats of working with machine learning in the archival context, where naturally anthropological, historical, and cultural aspects come into play? …

A photograph of my dog (named Papaya). The image is cropped close around her face with a soft focus on her nose.
My dog, Papaya

A branch of a Christmas tree
An Acorn
A purple potato
A chicken wing
A blueberry muffin
A condom
Aluminimum foil
A ziplock bag full of unidentifiable white liquid
A leaf
A whole fish head
A piece of poop
A small stone
A poopsicle (frozen)
A bunch of sand (Jacob Riis)
A drop of melted ice-cream
A snickers wrapper
A legion of ants
A spikey fallen tree nut commonly known as a “sweet gum ball”
A feather
A half of a french fry
A slice of pizza
A tuft of grass
A paper receipt
A tumbleweave
A crab leg
An egg shell
A brussel sprout
A cough drop
A clump of fur
A stick
Another stick
And another stick

Aarati Akkapeddi

Aarati Akkapeddi is a first-generation Indian-American, cross-disciplinary artist, educator, and programmer interested in the poetics and politics of datasets.

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